Airdrop Crypto
Airdrop Crypto

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Airdrop Cryptocurrency leads to the free distribution of a small number of virtual tokens or currencies to free members of the community who have done small tasks. In the world of cryptocurrency, airdrop refers to the procedure in which the blockchain project distributes free tokens to community members.

To qualify for a free prize, someone may need to hold the minimum amount of cryptocoin in their wallet, or maybe need to do certain tasks that include posting on social media forums, connecting with certain members of the blockchain project, or writing blog posts.

Airdrop can be seen as a promotional activity that is mostly done by blockchain-based startups to bootstrap their virtual currency projects. The goal is to spread awareness about cryptocurrency projects and to get maximum people in the game. Like CloudBounce, a decentralized AI audio ecosystem is able to narrow 8 million CB tokens to members of their community in March 2018.

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