How To Create Ethereum Wallets And ERC-20 Tokens In MyEtherWallet?

How To Create Ethereum Wallets And ERC-20 Tokens In MyEtherWallet?

How To Create Ethereum Wallets And ERC-20 Tokens In MyEtherWallet?

Assalaamu'alaikum Wr Wb!


The following assumes that you simply don't seem to be employing a Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet. Attributable to its simple use and security, MyEtherWallet recommends hardware wallets for cold storage. To save or backup your Ledger or Trezor device, you can simply write a 24-word phrase in the box they provide and save it very safely. Never place this key on the device online or kind this into

How To?

1. Open
Enter a powerful password that's straightforward to recollect. don't forget.
This encrypts (protects) your personal key. It does not turn out your personal key. This password alone won't be enough to access your Ethereum.
2. Click the "Create New Wallet" button.
Download the Keystore file, then save this file to a safe folder or USB drive.
This is a version of your encrypted private key. You must countersign to access it. this is often safer than your personal key that's unencrypted however you need to have a countersign to access it within the future.
Read the warning. If you realize it, click "I Continue" button.
Print the printer of your paper billfold and/or write it rigorously - rigorously the personal key on a bit of paper.
If you write it, you ought to write it two or three times. This reduces the possibility that your mussy handwriting can stop you from accessing your billfold later.
3. Copy & paste your address into a text document somewhere.
Find your address at Mark this page. this can be however you may see your balance at any time
Send any low quantity of Ether (0,0001 ETH) from your previous billfold or exchange it for your new billfold.
Unlock your new billfold from the Keystore file on your USB drive or via the personal key that you simply wrote. take care to unlock the billfold that you simply sent and match the bookmarks you have got.
Don't simply let your new billfold open. If you can return a year later to access your wealth. Can you do it?
Send any low Ethereum quantity (0.00001 ETH) from this new bill to a different address.
Maybe the MyEtherWallet donation address? MyEtherWallet could be a free ASCII text file service. No fees, no ads, no trailing, no cookies, no sales of your information.

Make sure you have recorded all the necessary bits of information and addresses at any time. If not, you write something wrong somewhere. That means it's time to start over to make sure you never lose access to your funds.
Doing all this is boring, but it ensures you
1. Have complete access to your funds
2. The address you sent is correct and matches the private key you saved and
3. You can rest easy for years to come, knowing that you will be able to access your ETH later.

Secure Storage From Reserves

It is recommended that you save a backup of both your key forms (the version of the Keystore file and the paper wallet version) in a physically separate offline environment.

This prevents loss of private keys & passwords because: the hard drive is off, loses the USB drive, a piece of wet paper, etc. Remember that physical loss can affect all areas (eg fires, floods).

MyEtherWallet cannot recover your key
MyEtherWallet is not a web wallet and cannot recover your personal key or password, access your account, move funds, recover funds, or cancel transactions.

MyEtherWallet is a client-side interface that allows you to interact with Blockchain Ethereum. Please be safe & back up your keys like millions of dollars that can be worth some day.

Protect Yourself And Your Fund

Short Version (Advanced Users Only)
Go to
Enter a strong password that is easy to remember.
Click the "Create New Wallet" button.
Click the "Download" button & save your Keystore file Keystore. Back to the top.
Read the warning. If you understand it and promise not to lose your private key, click "I understand. Continue" button.
You now have the option to print a paper wallet, save your private key, or save your private key QR code. Back up at least one offline.
Then click "Next: Save your Address"
Unlock the wallet you just created with the Keystore file or the private key that you just downloaded.
Save your address to a text document & mark the link at
Make sure all the information matches. Don't lose this information. Double check your work. Do not be careless.

Alhamdulillaah, I think this is enough that I can tell you in this article.
If you have questions, please ask the Admin via comments!
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Inshaa Allaah, I hope my article can help all friends!
Wassalaamu'alaikum Wr Wb!
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