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Electroneum - The Mobile Based Cryptocurrency


Electroneum is a mobile crypto (MOBILE CRYPTOCURRENCY)


The advantages of the Electroneum are:

📌Secure and private
📌Designed for global use
📌Mobile mining focuses on the application
📌Has a formal agreement with global mobile networks
📌Realizing a new dollar market with a target of 3 trillion dollars
📌Payments instantly
📌Providing digital payment solutions to developing countries
📌Enable a $ 3 trillion opportunity

To date only application for mobile mining is only available on Google Play, you can download here
You will get a coin if you enter the code DB3EF7 or scan the QR code on the More tab(wheeled picture) Setting ⇒ Promo ⇒ Referral program ⇒ Enter a referral code.

Scan This Referral QR Code To Get Free Electroneum Coins


1. Realizing An Electroneum Ecosystem

Electroneum has spawned the phrase 'enablement currency' or currency empowerment by realizing the dollar market with a value of 3 trillion dollars based on the 2017 Global Fintech report released Price Waterhouse Coopers predicts that this market is worth 3 trillion US dollars. 350 million more mobile users in developed countries will enter this digital market for the first time.

The results of the advantages that are felt directly by many cellular operators in the region also include the savings in large-scale transaction costs, many operators are ready to serve around 100 million more users and this number will continue to grow.

Everyday, Electroneum's unique mobile miners offer a small amount of ETN to users to shape market liquidity and drive viral growth. Already 1.6 million more registered users, Electroneum growth is much faster than Facebook and Twitter with the same time period.
The Electroneum Android application already operates in 20 languages.
The instant cryptocurrency payment system can be enjoyed by all users and vendors before the end of the third quarter in 2018.

2. Global Use Objectives

Cryptocurrencies generally plan for global use. However, this goal is very difficult to achieve.

3. Instant Cryptocurrency Transactions

Electroneum has a patent pending globally from cryptocurrency instant transaction technology. Although this instant transaction initially included ETN, the Electroneum patent also includes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The ability to EXCHANGE ETNs instantly is one of the hallmarks of the Electroneum. At present, Electroneum is developing an API that is useful for facilitating instant ETN ADMISSION integration. This provides easy instant payment on the electronic commerce system, even the ease of integration on the ePOS system (electronic point of sale system).

4. Opportunities Worth 3 Trillion US Dollars

By giving first access to a 'gig economy', more than 350 million nonbank mobile users in developing countries will get abundant resources for developing economies. Electroneum does not offer banking facilities and the ability to search digital income thoroughly for users exploring digital payment systems.

At the same time, developing country economies are able to access a community by having competitive prices, millennial entrepreneurs who can grow and learn new digital skills. They can take advantage of their expertise through a global digital payment system.

A report from Fintech Global 2017 released by Price Waterhouse Coopers predicts that this market is worth 3 trillion US dollars

5. Exceptional Viral Growth

The economic model of the Electroneum is to give the ability to offer a little Electroneum (ETN) to mobile users. The Electroneum makes it easier for them to make real digital payments, usually for the first time.

After users are aware of the benefits and ease of use of the Electroneum, of course users will become part of the community and help inform the existence of the Electroneum through recommendations.

Although the Electroneum instant payment API system is still in beta stage, its viral growth has managed to invite as many as 1.6 million more users to register.

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