How To Mining Electroneum Easily And Quickly

How To Mining Electroneum Easily And Quickly

How To Mining Electroneum Easily And Quickly

Assalaamu'alaikum Wr Wb!


Before stepping into this article, it's good to first study the article "What Is Cryptocurrency Mining?" and articles "Electroneum"!

Okay, have you or have tried repeatedly to mine the Electroneum in various ways?

Have you ever or repeatedly tried to mine Electroneum with a computer or laptop? generally use CMD, and some use software.
Do you know that you are mining with a computer or laptop that operates with CMD? that you have to pay mine pool fees provided by various providers not to mention the server is not good or unstable, moreover the pool provider turns out to be a scam. You are just wasting your energy and your device. If you use software there may be a lot of bugs due to the weaknesses of the software developers, ultimately the loss and futile efforts will befall you.


Well, let's solve the two problems above by mining Electroneum via the mobile application!

This application works without intermediaries and you will deal directly with the Electroneum. The mobile application for mining Electroneum can be found on Google Play. After you install it, you will get a bonus ETN coin if you enter the DB3EF7 code or scan (scan) the QR code on the More tab (wheel image) Settings ⇒ Promo ⇒ Referral program ⇒ Enter a referral code.

Scan This Referral QR Code To Get Free Electroneum Coins

You certainly know, if you want to get more, of course there must be many applications that you use. This is clear you have to have lots of smartphones because only one application that you can install on each smartphone, then what if you use a computer or laptop? Is it possible for you to mine the Electroneum with a mobile application on your computer or laptop? I answer maybe, can and very easily.

How, you have to install BlueStacks software on your computer or laptop. After you install BlueStacks software on your computer or laptop, please double install the Electroneum application you can get on Google Play. This is also an alternative in utilizing the time and computing of your computer or laptop in order to produce it when you use your computer or laptop.

Alhamdulillaah, I think this is enough that I can tell you in this article.
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Wassalaamu'alaikum Wr Wb!
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